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A Thought

I love the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Can you imagine bleeding , what I imagine to be quite a bit, for twelve years!? She had to have been suffering horribly. Then imagine, Jesus walking through the crowds. The woman had “a thought.” Matthew 9:21 says, She said to herself, “if I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” She believed Jesus was who he said he was and she believed that just a touch would heal her. I imagine that in those days it would take a very brave woman to try to touch a mans cloak.

Just a thought. How powerful are our thoughts!? The best part to me is after she touched, Jesus calls her daughter. Matthew 9:22, “Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart daughter,” he said. “ your faith has healed you.” I love knowing that I am a daughter of the King. That’s how he sees me. Jesus tells us that it is our faith, our thought, that heals us. What are your thoughts? How big is your faith? When you are suffering be reminded of the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus loves you and you belong to him. It’s as simple as a thought.

I hope this encourages you. Stay blessed!

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