Be a Light

I volunteer for Hospice. I have not been allowed to see my patient for a week now and who knows how long that will last. It saddens my heart that people can not be with their loved ones. It breaks me that some people don’t understand why no one is coming to see them.

I’ve been asking God and trying to think how I can use my talents to help people in this time. I love to make cardsThis may contain affiliate links. So my daughters and I decided to make my patient cards.

Rubber stamping

We used rubber stamps to make these cards. The girls and I really enjoyed making them. I know my patient will love them!! That is all that matters. Putting a smile on his face in this lonely time.

Raynahs card

If you are searching for a way to help, nursing homes and hospice would love to get cards. So would Special needs establishments.

Scripture card

I have these beautiful scripture cards that I have made to lift someone’s spirit and know that they are loved and not to fear.

I pray this is over soon and we will be better for what we have persevered through. I know God has a beautiful plan and I am anchored in his promises. I pray for us all!

Jeremiah 1:5

If he knew you before you were in the womb, then surely he will keep us safe.

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