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Cast all Your Cares

I have definitely relied on this scripture the last few weeks. You see I’m a respiratory therapist at the hospital and there are times I see things that put me on edge with this virus.

1 Peter 5:7

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. “

When I’m at home, I feel fine. I’m safe, my family is safe. Things are great! I walk into work, and my nerves shrivel up. Parts of the hospital look like a war zone. Things I’ve never seen In 16 years as a therapist. I want to cry in a corner. I know God is working something good together out of this, but it gets overwhelming in the midst of it

So I go back to this verse, for I know he is God and I am not. I can’t handle the weight of this. It’s to much and it’s to much for all healthcare workers.

Please pray for all healthcare workers. For all patients fighting for every breath from this virus. For the separated families. And for people to turn to God. To realize how much they need him. Just like I do, and how this verse brings peace over me.

Psalm 46:10

Stay safe and blessed my friends.

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