Commanded to Love

I struggle with love. I know I have a lot of love for people. My children are my deepest love. I feel love for complete strangers. When I hear about people struggling or grieving, my heart aches for them. But I’ll be honest, there are people I struggle to love. People that are close to me. I don’t hate them. I don’t wish anything bad upon them. But “love”, I’m not sure. And that scares me because it is Jesus’s most important command! “Anyone who doesn’t not love does not know God, because God is love” 1John 4:8

1John 1:9

I pray that God will fill my heart with Christ like love all the time. Reading 1John today really stirred me up. I pray for Gods forgiveness when I fall short of loving the way I should.

1John 3:18

1John 4:8

I need Gods mercy , grace, and forgiveness everyday. I thank God for his Son who bridged the gap between us and our Father.

2John 6

I know I will always fall short. But I pray and strive everyday to obey my Father in Heaven. I will do my best to Love the way the Father loves me. For I know I do not deserve it.

I pray that you find Hope in your struggles whatever they may be. Jesus loves you and he is there with you.

Stay Blessed!

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