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Faith and Healing

I personally have been dealing with sickness with myself and my children. Just the other night my six year old spiked a fever and was hallucinating. I was sure we were headed to the ER at 2am. She had me scared. Her heart rate was so fast I could not even count the beats. I layed hands on her and begged God to take this away from her. We were dressed and ready to go and a peace came over me and she was starting to do better. Her heart rate was down and she was not seeing things and she went to sleep. Then last night in bible study, we were discussing how so many people around the world are healed miraculously and we believe it is because of their full reliance and dependence on the Lord. They don’t have health insurance and doctors and medicine. They have faith in Jesus and Jesus tells us here in Matthew 9, Jesus saw their faith, and he healed them! They believed and it was so.

When Jesus cleansed the leper he said to him “your faith has made you well! He told the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew 9:20, “your faith has healed you. “

Do you see that it is our faith in Jesus that he can, just the thought of Jesus being able to heal us, and he will! Are you running to Jesus first? Are you praying before doctors and medicine? I am not saying that God has not blessed us with doctors and medicine. What I am saying is where is your faith lying first?

I hope this might help you see that Jesus is our first resort, not our last. Have a great day!

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