I wanted to share my recent experience on my spiritual fast that I did. Things in my business were just not working. Things at my part time job were not ideal either. I was in a rut. So I had been listening to someone talk about their spiritual fast.

I decided I needed the Lord to either blow a door open or slam it shut! So I decided for two weeks I was not going to play games on my phone. Now mind you, I only played in the morning with my cup of coffee and at night right before bed. But I was addicted to that! It was my peace time. So sounds like not a huge deal but it was and for awhile I felt depressed. What was I going to replace that time with?

So I started reading my BibleThis may contain affiliate links app and reading materials to help me exceed in my business. After the two weeks were up I found myself not even playing my games that much anymore. The urge was gone. Chains broken! I also made two sales in one week AND was told I could drop hours at my part time job, which will give me more time for my business and Gods work!

I can’t BELIEVE what God did to me in those two weeks. He is so good. Everything seems clear now. It was truly amazing.

“Moses was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant the Ten Commandments ” Exodus 34:28

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