Joy in Honduras

It brings me great joy to sponsor a family in Honduras through ChildFund International. My little boys name is Emiliano and his mama is Lixi. I just love receiving letters and drawings from him.


I also love knowing what is made possible through our sponsorship. Emiliano received healthcare and education and safety training!!

In the summer they only receive clean water every three days and that just breaks my heart. We are able to send extra resources to help them out.


I just love getting his drawings. I just received this one with the heartbeat and the cross. His family love Jesus and it is just such a blessing from God to be connected to people I dont even know. Yet I wish they were here for me to love on them.


Lixi just gave birth to a little girl and I’m really hoping to be able to sponsor her too.

I can’t wait to show them pictures of this beautiful scrapbookThis may contain affiliate links I’m making of our special memories.


I hope this will inspire you to look into sponsoring a child. It brings so much joy to everyone involved.

Stay blessed friends

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