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Mary, God’s Favored One

This Advent season I have been focusing on Mary. Mary was a normal young girl who loves the Word. She knew the prophecy of the Messiah, so I wonder what must have gone through her mind when the angel Gabriel came upon her. I might have thought I was losing my mind, but she did not. She asked questions. "How will this be?"(Luke 1:34, NIV). That was enough for her to submit herself to the will of the Lord. In those times Mary could have been stoned for having relations with another man. Joseph had every right to leave her, but he did not. Quite honestly, these days our society would be encouraging her to abort. Can you imagine if Mary, by our cultural standards, would have aborted the Messiah!!?? Just another reason to remember EVERY life has a purpose whether our human minds perceive it or not. I encourage you to read Luke 26-38. The Lord found favor on Mary because she was obedient. I don't know about you but I want what Mary had!

I pray you will have spiritual ears to hear the Lord and the will to be obedient. Have a beautiful Christmas!

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