Scrapbooking Hope in Quarantine

I think this is week five of our quarantine in Ohio. I will say I’m fortunate to still be able to go to work. I’ve also had some extra time to get some new products ready.

One of my scrapbookThis may contain affiliate links pages is done with a heavy heart. I know that the worse of this virus is it’s victims that have lost their lives, and their grieving families. The hospital workers and the mental impact it is taking on them. People who have lost their jobs, businesses destroyed. But then there are also our children. The small ones can’t even comprehend why this is going on. No school, no friends ,no being around anyone. Then there are the seniors, who have looked forward to this time in their life for twelve to thirteen years. And it’s gone. I hope that some of the seniors across this country will get to have a graduation.

Graduation scrapbook page

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Weddings have been put on hold, or had to be cancelled. But I hope that creative arrangements were possible for most couples

Wedding scrapbook pages

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I don’t know about where you guys are, but here in Ohio, the Cincinnati zoo puts on a Facebook live everyday at 3 PM. I hope that the zoos have the funds to care for their animals during this time of no visitors.

Lastly, we have ALL been given much needed extra time with our family’s. I don’t know about you but it has been nice not rushing around everyday doing homework and extra activities. Meals together and family time on the couch reading or watching tv. It’s been such a blessing.


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I pray over every situation of every single person in this time of need. This time of difficulty is on some level for every single person. I pray this finds you well and in good spirits. We must remember everyone. Everyone is going through something right now by this virus. But we will get through. Everything on Earth is only temporary.

Stay blessed my friends. I’m praying for us all.

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