Stamp Collectors

When I was little, my most favorite thing to do with my grandma was stamp collecting. I remember when she would get me brand new sets and I had to look through my books to find where they go.

Stamp Books

Stamp Books

With my passion for scrapbookingThis may contain affiliate links, now that I’m older, I started scrapbooking my stamps.

US Presidents

postage stamp stickers

I use scrapbooking embellishments to decorate my pages , BUT, I also love to use address labels!

Address Labels

CricutThis may contain affiliate linksShop Cricut

I found some fun embellishments on my Cricut.

Postage Stamps


Scrapbooking my stamp collection has been a lot of fun. I hope you find some inspiration here, and if you have a book you want made, Join my Custom Made ScrapbooksThis may contain affiliate links!


Stay Blessed!

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