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The Woman at the Well

I have been so blessed with wonderful bibleThis may contain affiliate links studies this year. My eyes have really been opened to scripture. I have found completely different ways of looking at certain stories.

Recently I was reminded of the story of the woman at the well. I won’t bother you with what I always thought, but how I look at it now.

It was brought to my attention that Jesus waited for her there at 12 in the afternoon. In the heat of the day. So of course he was very thirsty when she got there. At this time Samaritan women were not to be spoken to, were shamed. But Jesus asked her for a drink. Jesus was willing to drink after the Samaritan women’s spit had been on her watering jar. He viewed her as clean.

He then spoke to her about her previous husbands. Recognizing that she had been left all those times. Stranded by men. Leaving her alone and full of shame. Only men were allowed to divorce their wives and could for any reason.

Jesus spoke theology to her. He spoke living water to her. The woman believed the Messiah was coming and everything would be revealed to her. Jesus took that moment to reveal to her that He is that man she speaks of! He chose her to reveal who he was for the first time. And she took that back to her community. A community who did not listen to women. But she shared her testimony and they took her seriously and asked Jesus to stay.

I believe that to be a huge breakthrough for women back in that day and it is one of the many stories showing us how much Jesus loves and honors women.

I’m so thankful for Jesus more and more everyday and my love for him continues to flourish! Praise be to God!!!!

John 1:14

Stay blessed friends!

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