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I had the privilege to visit the the Flight 93 Memorial yesterday. Almost 20 years later.

It was a very somber visit. Thinking and reflecting upon that day, I was 21 years old. I remember the country being so sad, as one body. We came together and helped each other. I remember firefighters standing on street corners with boots. People made jewelry to raise money. People helped at the crash sites. We had a new found love for our friends and family. Fast forward 20 years and our country hates each other. We hate our country! It’s so sad how we slander our neighbors because we don’t agree with them.

This is the flight path Flight 93 took to crashing. The white wall has the passengers name on it. It shows the unity that took place between forty people to take down the plane, to sacrifice themselves, to save others. What has happened to us? How did we get so far away from those values?? We need to rise up and be better then what we are right now. We need to get back to Christ, loving each other even in our disagreements. I look at myself as the first example in how I need to do better. I don’t have to agree with my neighbor, but I can respect their view just as I would want the same from them. They do not have to be my enemy.

This scripture spoke to me this morning of that very thing. There is a way that we can express ourself and should express ourself, that is loving and of truth. I hope that maybe on this 9/11 you might reflect on the unity that our country displayed 20 years ago and that you might want that back like I do.

Stay blessed friends. May Gods favor be upon you

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