Working on Marriage by Working on Myself

I prayed at the beginning of 2020 that I would be active in bibleThis may contain affiliate links studies this year and God threw that door wide open! Thank you Jesus.

I feel like my marriage, like others, has struggles and problems. Struggles that sometimes need help from others. So the timeline basically went like this:

  1. Problems

  2. Problems

  3. Pastor mentioning online counseling during service

  4. Getting counseling

  5. Marriage bible study through Elevation Church

Boom boom boom! All back to back. Gods timing is always right!

It started with Giving to my husband what I want from him.

Words to Remember

“You be Jesus”. I play that over and over in my head. I be Jesus, and God will handle my husband. Sound easy? It’s not, Jesus has a really hard job! So I must remind myself “ In your relationships with one another, have the same mind set as Jesus Christ” Philippians 2:5.

My journal

Fixate you’re mind on the “ whatever’s “. Whatever is

  1. True

  2. Noble

  3. Just

  4. Pure

  5. Lovely

  6. Good

  7. Praiseworthy

Meditate on those things. Philippians 4:8

My journal

And lastly, think about catching all the little foxes. I love that! Because when I thought about this, there are so many little foxes in all my relationships. So catch them!!!

My bible study has been amazing and it’s not over yet. Gods words are miraculous! Don’t ever give up! You just never know when the miracle will happen. Persevere my Friends!

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I hope that some of my key takeaways may be able to help you in your marriages and all your relationships

Stay blessed friends

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