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Christ Unveiled

I have been struggling with all the noise in this world and in this country especially. I am around some really awful conversations. I recently had to sit through healthcare workers bashing unvaccinated people and not wanting to treat them while justifying their reasoning. Quite honestly I could not sit back and listen to that.

Its now two days later and I’m still bothered by the things I heard. Today during my morning time with God he brought this to my attention:

What a great reminder from God! My struggle and anger is not with the people who were saying these awful things. They do not live for God, they do not know him and the evil powers of this world are feeding them this garbage! So I need to pray against the darkness and remember that God sees, knows, and rules over it all! In Jesus name! Stand up prayer warriors! We need to shine a light in this dark world more than ever!

As I was praying I thought about the unveiling of Jesus Christ. Can you picture it? I was thinking about the dark spiritual realm and then Jesus appeared over it all!

Are you ready? Oh what a glorious day it will be. When he saves us out of this sadness. Wipes every tear. I pray for the hardened hearts. I pray they will be softened for the time is coming near!

I hope this encourages you, stay safe and blessed!

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